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Get Your Geek On with popular Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series . . .

Hi, I'm Lexi Carmichael, a 25-year old, on-again, off-again hacker. By day, I work as the Director of Information Security at a hot new cyber-intelligence firm just outside of Washington, D.C. By night, I’m a gamer, book nerd and fangirl (Bond, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings). I’ve got long brown hair, no discernible curves, and zip in the social skills department. I double-majored in mathematics and computer science at Georgetown University with a specialty in cybersecurity. Ask me to talk about a rigorous axiomatic framework or computational complexity theory, and I’m all over it. Ask me to make small talk and I’ll imagine myself jumping off a bridge.

I can count the number of my closest friends on one hand, but those friends are pretty cool. There's my former college roommate, Basia Kowalski, the pretty, social butterfly who speaks a zillion languages; the genius Zimmerman twins, Elvis and Xavier; my boss, Finn Shaughnessy (who I may or may not be dating); and Slash, a sexy uberhacker who comes and goes in my life with alarming irregularity. As of late, my ho-hum existence has become downright treacherous. Who knew hacking could be so dangerous?

Come along for the ride and get your GEEK ON!

No Biz Like Showbiz . . . Teaser

Lexi Carmichael: Helping Geeks Everywhere Get Some

Okay, so it’s not exactly as it seems, but that’s what is happening on the dating reality television show called “Geeks Get Some” that I, Lexi Carmichael geek extraordinaire, am called to work on. Not that I’m a fan of reality shows (I can barely deal with my own reality), yet I’ve been sent to Hollywood to find a hacker who’s screwing with the results of the show’s online voting system.

So what happens when I get there? Well, the producers convince me to continue my investigation from the inside. What should be an easy hunt for the hacker turns ugly when he sets his sights on me. Add to that a studio obsessed with ratings, a bunch of nerdy contestants, and my own confusing love life, and unraveling this mystery might make me a star—or get me killed.

Catch up with Lexi in No One Lives Twice, No One to Trust, No Money Down, No Place Like Rome, and No Biz Like Showbiz.!


News Flash:

THE MACINNESS LEGACY SERIES is available in ebook (print coming soon). Julie and her sister Sandy are excited to announce the reissue of their historical paranormal romance series about three triplets in 1792 Salem, Massachussetts. Seperated at birth, they discover one another and their paranormal powers, and use them to save the men they love.

Three Sisters Trilogy Three Sisters Trilogy Three Sisters Trilogy The Seer by Sandy Moffett

AMAZON MONTLAKE is working on new covers for my Historical Romance Time Travels. Check back soon for a COVER REVEAL.

AMAZON MONTLAKE has released two of Julie’s out of print historical time-travel romances. They are available in BOTH ebook and print. Double Edged Blade Across a Moonswept Moor